The Reports and Publications page has a list of reports written by Riverbend Sciences principal Eli Asarian. Topics include Klamath Basin water quality, aquatic ecology, and regional hydrology.

The Beaver Mapper shows the locations of beaver sightings California and Oregon. The goal of the system is to provide information to those seeking to restore beaver populations for the benefit of our rivers, salmon, and water supply. The project is in-progress and allows many dispersed users across the Internet to update and add data.

Riverbend Sciences was part of a technical team which supported a workshop, held September 11-13, 2012 in Sacramento, to identify and prioritize strategies for reducing nutrient and organic matter loads in the Klamath River and improving water quality conditions within the basin. More information is available at the Klamath River Water Quality Workshop and Feasibility Study page at the Stillwater Sciences website.

Riverbend Sciences produced GIS maps for Humboldt Baykeeper's project Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment for Contaminated Sites near Humboldt Bay.

The Eel River Archives is a new online library of current and historical documents/data for the Eel River Basin currently being developed by Riverbend Sciences and the Eel River Recovery Project, hosted at