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Watershed-Level Summary Map of Beaver Sightings in Oregon and California

- This is a new project and the available information is very incomplete... help us add more locations.
- Due to lack of data availability, this map is only a partial list of the distribution of beavers in Oregon and California. It is far from comprehensive, and data for many locations may be out-of-date (i.e. decades old surveys and beavers maybe no longer present).
- This map shows beaver locations summarized at a watershed level. Access to specific locations of beaver sightings is restricted to prevent people for using this website to harm beavers (get access here). A small subset of locations that are deemed to have high public outreach or educational value are available on a second map.


Watersheds (NHD 5th-field HUC) with at
least 1 point location in beaver mapper 

Coarse-scale (1:1,000,000)
beaver distribution from CWHR (PDF)

Click on a polygon below to get information about beavers. A full-screen map is available here.