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Watershed-Level Summary Map of Beaver Sightings in Oregon and California

- This is a new project and the available information is very incomplete... help us add more locations.
- Due to lack of data availability, this map is only a partial list of the distribution of beavers in Oregon and California. It is far from comprehensive, and data for many locations may be out-of-date (i.e. decades old surveys and beavers maybe no longer present).
- This map primarily shows beaver locations summarized at a watershed level. Access to the detailed map/list of specific locations of beaver sightings is restricted to prevent people for using this website to harm beavers (get access here). A small subset of locations that are deemed to have high public outreach or educational value are included here as points.

  point icon Public point location from beaver mapper  
Watersheds (NHD 5th-field HUC) with at
least 1 point location in beaver mapper


Coarse-scale (1:1,000,000)
beaver distribution from CWHR (PDF)