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How to add data

Each beaver sighting is one row in the database.  Information for each sighting can include location, date, metadata, photos, and documents.  The system is based on a Google Fusion Table and can be live-edited by many dispersed users across the Internet.  Data can be added either by adding a row manually (see steps 1 thru 7) or by uploading a properly-formatted spreadsheets (see note a bottom).

1) First, you must have a Google account and then email to request access from the Beaver Mapper system administrator (follow instructions at How to get access page)

2) To add/update data, click this link to open the Beaver Mapper link in Fusion Tables:
data table
Note: if you not yet signed in, you will then be prompted to sign in.  [General information regarding Fusion Tables can be found in Google's help, tour, and map pages].

3) To add a row, select Add from the Edit drop-down menu:
add row

4) A pop-up box titled Add New Row will open.
Enter your information into the box, then click Save. (note: a description of the columns in the spreadsheet is available here, including how to find latitude/longitude and HUC watershed name. You can use this map to find the official USGS watershed_code and watershed_name for your point. You do not need to enter information for every column)

5) If you need to edit the data you've added, first find the row of data you want to edit and then click on it to select it. Then click on the Edit Row button:

6) The edit row box then opens. Make your edits and then click Save:

7) After you have completed adding/editing data, please email the Beaver Mapper system administrator (, because the system administrator will have to refresh the publicly-accessible watershed-level summaries with your new data (it is not completely automatic).

Note on uploading spreadsheets of data:
If you already have your own existing spreadsheet of beaver data, you can upload and append it to the master Beaver Mapper table rather than manually (as described in the descriptions above) entering the data row-by-row.  Google provides general instructions for adding rows to a table using this technique. You will need to first make sure that the columns in your spreadsheet have the same name as those in the Beaver Mapper table. Alternatively, you can email your data to