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Beaver Mapper

The Beaver Mapper shows the locations of beaver sightings in California and Oregon.  The goal of the system is to provide information to people seeking to restore beaver populations for the benefit of our rivers, salmon, and water supply.
Watershed-scale summaries of the data are publicly accessible
- Watershed-level summaries can be viewed either as a Table or Map >>>>>>>
- To view the table, you will need a Google account. 
Access to most detailed point locations are restricted
- Access to most specific locations of beaver sightings is restricted to prevent people for using this website to harm beavers (get access here); however, a small subset of point locations with high public outreach/educational value are viewable on the public map.
- Once you've been granted access, you can view the data for all individual sightings as a Detailed Map or Detailed Table

Help us add more locations to the mapper!
- Each beaver sighting is one row in the database.  Information for each sighting can include location, date, metadata, photos, and documents.  The system is based on a Google Fusion Table and can be live-edited by many dispersed users across the Internet.
- Editing/adding data is restricted to people with permission (How to add data).


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